My students usually call me SirWayan. It sounds a bit awkward to be called as Sir which might sounds like noble and dignified. It becomes customary to call the male English teacher “Sir” in my school though it might not be appropriate in the real sense.

I grew up in an agricultural small village 220 kilometers away from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi, Kembang Mertha. The village is famous for the product of rice, the staple and daily food of the local, since the first settlement in the mid of 1964. I was born four years after the settlement. As a child of a new born village, I was familiar with the mighty tropical forest and the amazing animals inhabited in it, not to mention the abandon of fresh water fish in the swamp and streams which is extinct nowadays replaced by rice-paddy estates.

After spending my elementary and middle schools in the village, I joined the Teacher High School in Kotamobagu, the regency center of Bolaang Mongondow. Unsatisfied with the high school teacher education, I pursued a higher education to Institute of Teacher Training Manado (IKIP Manado), majoring in the teaching of English as Foreign Language and got a three-year diploma in 1992. I was appointed as a fresh new teacher in 1994 in a middle school 100 kms south of Manado, that I had to commute every week from Manado to the School. Two years later I was granted a scholarship for a full diploma in IKIP Manado in the same study area: The teaching of English.  In 2002 a master scholarship was granted after competing with the whole Minahasan middle school teachers at the University of Malang to study the area of teaching English and finished it in 2004. In the same year I was transferred to SMA Negeri 1 Manado, and teaching English there until now. In 2010, I won an ILEP Scholarship to study about teacher leadership in the United States for five moths sponsored by the US Government and The International Reaserh Exchange Program (IREX).

Currently I am teaching English for XII graders. It is always fun to be among enthusiastic students to learn and prepare their future. It is really a worthy reward that should be answered with constant professional development and leadership skills.  I am also actively engage in promoting the development of critical thinking by couching the debating club. To promote and develop professionalism, I am regularly taking part in facilitating teacher in various teacher workshops discussing a wide range of educational issues from curriculum development, lesson planning and assessment.

Now I live in Manado with my affectionate wife, two lovely boys and a cute smart daughter.


8 responses to “Profile

  1. arlena massie

    woooooow great !!

  2. sherly

    tambah dong foto amrik ……………

  3. sherly

    tranlatenya dong ???????? ngga tau apa isi profilnya hehehehehehe susah jo ormot mar so lulus tofel do kang wkwkwkwkwkwk

  4. sherly

    kase kursus akang ne ??????? soalx kt mo k amrik kt pe tetangga da pangge heheheheheh cuma 20 jeti so pp

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